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Central Lab

MatrixPharm collaborates on a contractual basis with the leading laboratory centres in Moscow and other Russian cities, which are used as the central laboratories for our Phase I – IV Clinical Trials.

All laboratories have the latest equipment, and participate on a regular basis in internal and external national and international quality assessment procedures. MatrixPharm provides 24-hour-a-day courier services for our Central Labs, enabling them to collect samples round the clock from the research centres.

A very wide range of laboratory services is available:

  • Clinical and biochemical assays (over 100 types)
  • Hormones, oncomarkers and autoantibodies (over 50 types)
  • Bacteriology, cytology and microscopy (over 100 types)
  • Immunological and allergological assays (over 100 types)
  • Serological markers ( over 80 types)
  • Rapid analys es ( over 100 types)
  • Polymerase chain reaction diagnostics (PCR diagnostics) (over 200 types)

In addition, our central laboratories provide storage of the biological samples to be used in laboratory investigations for 7-10 days before retesting. We also have at our disposal all the necessary facilities for the long-term storage of microbiological isolates.

The development of laboratory manuals for investigators is another service offered by MatrixPharm.


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