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Why Russia and the CIS countries?

There are some important advantages to having clinical trials conducted in Russia and the CIS, rather than in the EU:

  • Large numbers of patients available for clinical trials (including patients who have undergone no prior treatment)
  • High level of social acceptance of CT
  • Large number of highly specialised hospital units
  • Investigators are usually GCP-experienced
  • High investigators and patient compliance for CT
  • Realistic prices

By conducting your trial in Russia and the CIS countries, you can significantly shorten the length of time it takes to get your product registered in the USA and other countries.




Why MatrixPharm?

Because we are a small to medium-sized CRO, we have a major advantage in being able to offer maximum flexibility for our Clients. We also offer a full range of top-quality clinical research services, each one of which can be provided either on a stand-alone basis, or in any combination that meets your needs.

  • Clinical trials guaranteed to be conducted according to ICH-GCP guidelines, local regulations and Client’s SOPs
  • Qualified and highly professional staff
  • Compliance with the most exacting SOPs, allowing clinical trials to be conducted according to the necessary timelines
  • Very advantageous cost/quality ratio
  • Additional services, including help with regulatory issues and further marketing support





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